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Darbys Solicitors is located in Oxford who may offer various types of legal assistance which could include Injury Lawyers or solicitors, Divorce Lawyers or Solicitors, accident claim solicitors, accident lawyers, Criminal Lawyers, Conveyancing Solicitors, Immigration lawyers or wills and probate experts amongst others.

Darbys Solicitors

50-52 New Inn Hall Street


Phone: 01865 811700

Fax: 01865 811777

No E-Mail Address

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Main Areas of Law Darbys Solicitors cover

Bullt Point
Bullt Point
Bullt Point
Bullt Point
Bullt Point

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Darbys Solicitors Reviews

clive godwin

in 2013 i got arrested went to banbury police station and the lawyer i had was amy holden from darbys in oxford and at first i thought she was good but i found out she was in court she told me lies telling me i had to plea not guilty at first. then at the last minute she said i had to plea guilty.and when i spoke up she didnt like it she went of in a huff.also if i went to the office to speak to her i didnt get any privacy as speaking on the landing where everyone who came in could hear my buisiness.and at the end of it all she spoke to me like dirt saying you deserved what you she sholdnt speak to her clients like this.also when i asked her what evidence the victim had she said he just had a word of mouth and thats not evidence is it.please take notice of this what im telling you as these lawyers is very very dangerous and one of em is her amy holden .and when i spoke to her manager she wouldnt do when i complain i will these lawyers are a matter of life and death.also in court she told me you wont hear the judge saying about hes going to sentance you but when i was in court i did hear him say i could sentance you to prison for this just all over some its all over now but him and his boyfriend is doing to me and when i reports it notthink gets done. as the pigs dont care less about me ...

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