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Advertising on our Site

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is the most effective way to advertise your business on our site. With prime location on every page possible (over 14,000 pages) you will advertise to well over 27,000 people in any given month.

Banner Advertising

The cost of this advertising is £750 / Year - If you are interested please contact us

Upgrade Your Listing

For a small fee of £10 a year you can get your listing above everyone else in your city along with a listing on the main page.

Why have a premium listing?

Solicit a Lawyer is reaching over 27,000 unique people every month. This means you will be advertising to 27,000 different people in the UK who are searching for Lawyers / Solicitors.

If you are not listed with Solicit a simply go to our "Get Listed" page and choose the Premium Listing option.

If you are already listed with us and you would like to upgrade to our premium service, simply browse to your listing on our site and click on the 'Upgrade Listing'.

How would you like some extra free advertising?

If you company is listed on our site and you would like to further promote your business then why not send us a article about your business and we will publish it on our site in the Lawyer Blog section.

All you need to do is send us a e-mail with your company details such as:

1. A brief history on your company
2. Information on what your company currently offers i.e. If you provide Criminal Lawyers, explain when you will need a Criminal Lawyer, why you should have a criminal Lawyer
3. Company name
4. Location of your listing within our site (so we can link the article to your business listing)

It is important that you provide some information on your area in Law, this information will be beneficial to the people browsing our site and will hopefully provide them some in site to the different areas in Law.

A perfect example of what you need to produce can be found at our lawyer blog: When do I need a Criminal Lawyer.

We will then publish your article on our site and give you extra advertising for free.

If you would like to take advantage of this send a e-mail to with the subject of "Free advertising - Article"