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Many of the Lawyers and Solicitors listed here will provide help to people looking for Injury Lawyers, divorce lawyers, Conveyancing Solicitors, Tax Lawyers, Tax Solicitors, accident lawyers, claims solicitors and criminal lawyers in the UK. They may cover various areas of law so be sure to contact the Lawyer or Solicitor online for further advice using the contact details provided.

We have listed addresses, web sites, post codes and additional information about all the Solicitors and Lawyers in the UK. Many of these law firms have updated there information to include the specific areas of law they cover and may also have ratings and reviews made by people who have used their services.

The largest areas we cover on our site Solicitors in London, Solicitors in Glasgow and Solicitors in Manchester. We cover over 1,200 Cities within the UK, for a full list of cities visit our Lawyers / Solicitors City page.

What's the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor?

The term lawyer actual refers to anyone who gives legal counsel or believes themselves fit to do so. In fact lawyer is often the generic term used to describe the entire profession.

Solicitor is an actual role within the profession. There job is to advise clients on all areas of law (although they may specialise in a particular area as individuals) but also to represent them in court. If required a solicitor may go on to "instruct" a barrister on your behalf who will also represent you in court.

Please contact the Lawyers or Solicitors using the information we have provided if you are interested in using them or have any other queries relating to that local Lawyer or Solicitor.

Latest Lawyer / Solicitor Reviews

  • Rosemary E Hensby review by David Olding

    Efficient, precise, experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and intuitive. Highly recommend ....

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  • David Grand review by Craig

    I used Mr David Grand several years ago to process an application for my wife. Previously other lawyers failed after we were messed around at great expense before eventually being told the ....

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  • Lloyd and Rowe review by Andrew M Chamberlain

    Lloyd & Rowe are the best solicitors in Cardiff, On the 16th November 2013 at Newport magistrates court I was being tried for a section 5 public order offence, and against all the odds, and ....

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  • Forster and Wheeler review by MRS J A GAFFNEY

    Very helpful. They understood our needs very well. ....

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  • David Grand review by Ola

    My mum and I used David Grand more than 15years ago. He is the most knowledgeable solicitor in London as far as I am concerned. He is very direct and reasonable in his fees. One thing I can ....

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  • Charles Harding and Co review by JOHN BAJINA

    Charles Harding represented my Mother's interest in her estate and other property. Mr Harding is a respectful, gentle but complete;y through solicitor. my Mum felt happy and secure in him ....

    Nov 30, 2013 - read more

  • David Grand review by Geoffery

    Very efficient and reliable I will recommend David to all my friends who need a solicitor. Thanks David for your help. ....

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  • McArdle Solicitors review by rich mcalpine

    best lawyer by far in av had a few defo the best! ....

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  • Adams Whyte review by Ryan

    Amazing...totally professional and dealt with the manner effectively. Would recommend them to everyone! ....

    Oct 22, 2013 - read more

  • Deborah Reynolds review by Anthony Price

    I have used Debbie Reynold solicitors on several occasions and have been extremely happy with the service provided. I would not hesitate in instructing her in the future. ....

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  • Donaldson Dunstall review by Bill Miller

    Choosing Donaldson Dunstall for the purchase of property in Bexhill was one of the best decisions we made. The service provided by Kate Tynan and Carrie Cox was absolutely outstanding, espec ....

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  • Graham Charles and Co review by Roy H Bush

    My family has used This firm of solicitors for over 30 years. We have used them for conveyancing, property development, legal aspect with lease and right to enfranchise, LTV Tribunal dispute ....

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Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

  • The (SRA) is an independent regulatory body. Their job is to regulate Solicitors in England and Wales which is more than 120,000 solicitors. SRA also regulate registered European lawyers and registered foreign lawyers. are now listing the SRA numbers of Lawyers / Solicitors on our site but only when the company has added this information. You can then check with the official SRA site to find further information on the company.

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